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Find out how doppel has been helping other people

doppel for calming

“As a figure skater, I have to deal with managing my nerves during competitions. There are times when other people’s emotions can heighten my nerves. Skating isn’t something you can do when you’re stressed, so anything to help calm me down is useful. From an emotional standpoint, doppel kept me in a very good position after I had a particularly bad skate due to injury. I was able to walk away and laugh it off, when usually I would end up depressed, and my coach spends months trying to convince me not to quit the sport - this experience led me to believe that it works. ” - Frances - Ice Skater

"I have ADD but all these medications have side effects so, I bought doppel as a solution for my anxiety issues. I was skeptical at first because there are so many gimmicks nowadays. However, the comparison to music and the physiological effects between your heartbeat and your mind made sense to me. I use it in the morning to get me going and clear my head, then in the evening to wind down. doppel is something I’ve invested in without having to constantly spill money into, unlike most other solutions that are available for anxiety." - William - Electrician

"I use doppel mostly for calming and it works very well. I often have to give talks to large groups of people which can be unnerving, usually a few minutes before is the worst. I don’t like to be too conspicuous, pulling out my phone to control it so, it’s nice to use the touch gestures, subtly under the table." - Claudette - Scientist

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doppel for focus

"What caught my attention was the science. Inherently I am a very curious person, so the science and tech were very much of interest to me. doppel is something I use mainly for work. It’s like a watch for me, it’s on all the time except for at night. I use doppel for staying focused or alert and for lowering my coffee consumption. At times I have used it for presentations. I do them regularly, so they are not a constant stress but if they are really important I can sometimes have a trembling voice or lose my thoughts. After using doppel, I started receiving feedback from colleagues who noticed that I became more fluent and calm, so in that sense, I saw the impact personally." - Jonas - Innovation Manager

“I was a percussionist when I was younger, so I always have that internal beat going. It didn’t even occur to me to have something like doppel. I saw it, read through and thought, “I think that would really work for me”. I use it to keep myself focused at work. I’m only two and a half years out of college now, so it was the adjustment of going from a class-based schedule straight to working eight hours a day. I like that doppel is low profile and easy to operate. You can set it once throughout the day and just keeping going and not have to bother with it, unlike a smartwatch that can be constantly distracting.” - Robert - Business Analyst

User story - doppel for focus

Ross - Disability Employment Researcher

"For me, doppel was not just a gadget I bought on impulse. I needed something that would help me discipline myself enough to focus. My job involves a lot of admin tasks, which I am not particularly good at; I don’t have the attention span for it. I have ADHD, so there are limited options like taking Ritalin or some other stimulant drug. With doppel, I feel less anxious and more focused, it’s like a constant reminder that you’re in the present moment. I like the fact that it hasn’t got a screen on it or buttons because at the end of the day all of those things distract you even more."

doppel for alertness

"doppel actually helps with waking up when I’m extremely tired. In the morning, I get up, put my doppel on and set it to the lowest setting. I’ll bump it up to a higher vibration when I get to work and I usually keep it that way, unless I am going into a meeting that is going to be stressful - then I turn it back down. I wear it more so to help me get through the day, everywhere I go I get asked about it. It’s hard to quantify its effect, but when I don’t have it on I notice it."

Janet - Project Officer

"I became interested in doppel while working in a very stressful leadership position. I had a fidget spinner, but you can’t really take those out in meetings - that’s a little hard in my world. Now, I use doppel throughout the day to keep me grounded. In those stressful instances, it slows me down and keeps me more focused on the moment. When I experience the afternoon dip, typically around two o'clock I use doppel to keep me going - It’s just really good at what it does!"

Oliver - COO at a Non-Profit Institute

"Four years ago I had a total breakdown. I was prescribed with a sedative antipsychotic which made me fall asleep after twenty mins, knocked out cold for twelve hours - as a parent it was unsustainable. I've found doppel really works. I set it to quite strong intensities, even with slow pulses, which works to keep me alert when I’m in long meetings. I use it every day because creating a routine is part of my general therapy. It has even lessened anxiety attacks - it’s like wearing a safety net."

Cian - Retail Manager & Mum

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woman wearing doppel
man wearing doppel
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doppel for energizing

“I needed something to give me a kick and doppel does do that - it keeps you focused on what you’re doing. I set it quite high during the day if I’m starting to flag around one o'clock after I’ve had lunch. I'm quite in to techno trance music and I’ve noticed it has the same effect, but doppel feels better because I don’t have to listen to music while I'm researching and working. You also get used to the vibration on your wrist, sometimes you don’t even notice it.” - Chris - Ph.D. Candidate

“The doppel is really cool, it’s a simple design and I love that there are no notifications. I think it’s interesting for people to know you can still wear tech and have that wellbeing element. I tend to use the touch controls, particularly if I'm losing concentration in a meeting, I can turn it up discreetly and make the intensity stronger to make me more alert! Additionally, as a sleepy commuter, doppel is quite handy to use to feel more awake- it means I don't have to reach for the coffee.” - Bekky - Product Owner

User story - doppel for energizing

Raeann - Office Manager

“I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome (M.E), that was my primary reason for buying the doppel. There’s not much out there apart from drugs, staying in bed and not having a life. Before, if my M.E. was bad I would cancel on friends but I can’t remember the last time I’ve canceled anything. I use the energized setting to get me out and it’s enabled me to be more sociable. I know when I’m going on my downward spiral, so I know when to control it. So, if I’m at work and my energy levels are bad I use doppel to really focus. It goes everywhere with me.”

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doppel for relaxation

“I’ve had trouble sleeping - probably something to do with the PH.D. I've noticed that winding yourself down with doppel at night is good, you get used to the vibration on your wrist and sometimes you don’t even notice. So, when I’m a bit too hyped up I’ll use it to relax.” - Chris - Retired Programmer

“I’m quite into mindfulness which is about being in the moment, rather than letting yourself be distracted. When I meditate now, I use doppel - it's like a physical anchor. There’s no greater reminder of being in the present moment than feeling a physical sensation. doppel is a constant reminder that you’re in the present whereas music tends to make you think about other things or fantasize.” - Ross - Disability Employment Researcher

“I use the doppel on the lower settings more so than the higher ones that get you going; I don’t have any problems doing that.I’m wearing the Doppel all through the night now. It does take acclimatization until it feels seamless, but it’s subtle and pleasant without any negative effects. I’m interested in the interface between my conscious and subconscious and so I’ve been really enjoying using doppel when I’m relaxing or meditating. It’s a bit like a mantra. I fall asleep faster and sleep longer without waking. Dreaming awareness is definitely enhanced - especially pre-dawn. I’d hate to be without it.” - Roy - Retired Programmer