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doppel Helps Energize Users with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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doppel wristband stress chronic fatigue syndrome energize focus

We spoke to Raeann, an Office Manager who’s been living with chronic fatigue syndrome (M.E) to find out how she uses doppel.

Hi Raeann, great to talk to you today. Thank you for agreeing to speak with us about your doppel experience. To get a bit of background, please could you tell us a bit about yourself, like what you do for a living, your hobbies, interests?

I currently work as an office manager at a lock and safe engineering company, which is run by my husband. So, I’m lucky that when I start to notice my energy levels dipping, I’ve got someone there who’s understanding. I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome (M.E.). I was diagnosed with that 15 years ago and that was my primary reason for buying the doppel.

What is life like with chronic fatigue syndrome?

With my chronic fatigue syndrome (M.E.), I’m in control of it most of the time I know what’s happening and I know when I’m going on my downward spiral. Occasionally it affects my life, but I’m too stubborn to let it affect me completely. There were times I would have to cut back on my work maybe take the occasional rest day. I would also sometimes cancel going out with friends.

What were you doing to manage your M.E, before you purchased doppel?

Well, the doctors, they give you drugs, they want to give you amitriptyline and things like that to try and deal with the nervous system. I always refused. I even got involved. Many years ago. in a chocolate experiment. They fed me dark chocolate for 8 weeks and then milk chocolate for 8 weeks, and I don't even like chocolate so it was a difficult one to do.

I’ve also seen a nutritionist. I started seeing her about 3 years ago, she gave me some supplements to help but they weren't enough to help me. So the doppel had helped kind of top that up.

There’s really not much out there apart from drugs and people staying in bed and not having a life. Doctors tell people to exercise which does help, but it’s so difficult to get out of those doldrums in the first place, to get your trainers on and get training. Actually, the last time I asked for another referral it took me a year just to get a letter back saying no, here’s a DVD to watch.

doppel wristband stress chronic fatigue syndrome energize focus
So, how do you use doppel, how does it fit into your day to day life?

doppel has really worked. When my energy levels are bad I use it. When my energy levels are normal or good I don’t use it because I don’t want to feel like I’m becoming dependant on it.

I use it mainly in the week when I’m at work, synced to the focus setting so that I can feel more productive and just carry on. I’ve also used it when my friends have encouraged me to come out, using the alert setting. Before I would cancel on friends, and they would understand but doppel has actually enabled me to be more sociable than I was before. To be honest, putting the doppel on got me out and without it, I would have stayed in.

This interview has been edited & condensed for clarity.

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