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The story behind our logo

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The story behind our logo

When we first started thinking about the logo, we first considered how we could mirror the aesthetics and functions of our product.


However we soon realized that the product could evolve, so instead we decided that we needed a logo that would remain independent and strong, regardless of how much our product developed. 

At doppel, we create science and design led technology to naturally change how you feel, think and behave. We wanted our logo to represent this.

We also wanted to incorporate the idea of user focused design. On doppel, there is no feature that is unnecessary, and all parts have a purpose. But just because our features are functional, it doesn’t mean that they can't be beautiful. For this reason a phrase we used a lot at the time was ‘naturally designed’.

Further to this, we also wanted to represent the idea of the team. The founding team has always been integral to the idea and the company, they were there at the inception of the project and are still all directing the company three years on. We also wanted our logo to represent this, however abstractly. 

Taking all of this into account, we set ourselves two rules:

  1. The logo must represent the four founders
  2. The logo must be inspired by nature

From this Nell Bennett, our Design Director, experimented with four connected shapes (to represent the founders) to create different patterns. 

She then positioned the shapes in different ‘natural’ sequences - that is, sequences that are found in the natural world such as the mathematics that defines how a leaf grows from a stem, or how a shell spirals. You may have heard of some of these sequences - The Golden Ratio, Divine Proportion, Golden Proportion and Fibonacci Sequence are all famous examples.

After much discussion, we chose a final design. Our logo is four triangles of diminishing size, positioned around the Fibonacci spiral. 

What do you think?

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