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Create Your Own 3D Optical Illusion

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doppel wristband feeldoppel 3D dice optical illusion

Create your own 3D optical illusion to understand more about how our sense of sight can’t always be trusted!

Although our senses feel truthful, they do not necessarily accurately reproduce the physical reality of the world around us.

We’ve blogged before about tactile illusions and The Rubber Hand Illusion, but optical illusions also give an interesting insight into the disconnect that can exist between perception and reality.

You can read all about the different kinds of optical illusions in our blog post on the topic, but if you want to see it with your own eyes, you can build your own 3D optical illusion at home.

All you’ll need is a printer, one sheet of good quality paper or card, and some tape.

Step 1: Print this net on to a sheet of good quality paper or card. Click the image to download the PDF.

easy 3D dice Optical Illusion template

Step 2: Cut along the solid lines which form the outside of the net.

Step 3: Fold inward along the dotted lines.

Step 4: Glue or tape the flap onto the underside of the side containing one dot.

Your dice illusion is complete!

Place on a flat surface like a desk or table and prepare to be amazed.

Look at the point where all three edges of the dice meet then move your head slightly and watch the dice spin in mid air before your eyes!

easy 3D dice Optical Illusion assembled

This is the illusion one of our customers sent us to assemble in the studio. It's up on display and actually inspired this blog post!

Let us know if you make your own. We'd love to see pictures!

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