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CES 2019 Press release: Introducing doppel - the new wristband shown to naturally reduce stress

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CES 2019 Press release: Introducing doppel - the new wristband shown to naturally reduce stress

LAS VEGAS, NV – 6 December 2018. London-based technology startup doppel invite you to booth 51441 this CES to try out their new stress reducing wristband.

The product, also called doppel, works by creating a silent vibration on the inside of your wrist which feels like the ‘lub-dub’ of a heartbeat. doppel's natural, psychological effect works in a similar way to music - slower rhythms are calming, and faster rhythms help you feel focused.

Unlike most wearables, doppel doesn’t count steps or send notifications. Instead, use it to feel calm and focused anytime and anywhere.

How it works

doppel applies research in psychology and neuroscience which shows how humans respond intuitively and naturally to different rhythms.

Research shows that slower tempos result in calm and positive emotional states while we associate fast rhythms with emotional states such as joy, excitement and surprise.

doppel uses a heartbeat, the most natural rhythm that exists, the one we all experience first as embryos, and it does this silently and subtly. Our brains respond to this rhythm, and we begin to entrain to it - in a similar way to how we respond to music.

But unlike music, doppel’s silent beat is non-distracting, so you can feel calm and focused, anytime and anywhere.

Results showing doppel’s calming effect have been published in the peer-reviewed journal Nature Scientific Reports. In the trial, the use of doppel had a tangible and measurable calming effect across both physiological and psychological levels. Only the participants who felt the heartbeat-like vibration displayed lower increases in skin conductance responses and lower anxiety levels.

Choose your state of mind

doppel works with a companion app but once set can be used without a phone. Turn doppel on and off, switch between the high and low rhythm, adjust the intensity of the vibration, and check the battery - all using touch gestures.

The app stores personalized rhythms, each one linked to the user's own resting heart rate. Choose between presets or create your own.

Tried and tested

The team delivered to their Kickstarter backers and pre-order customers in 2018 and doppel is already helping people across the globe.

doppel customer Oliver said, “I became interested in doppel while working in a very stressful leadership position. I was having a lot of challenges in my regular day to day, managing stress levels - it was long days and intense meetings. I had a fidget spinner, but you can’t really take those out in meetings - that’s a little hard in my world. Now, I use doppel throughout the day to keep me grounded. In those stressful instances, it kind of slows me down and keeps me more focused on the moment. When I experience the afternoon dip, typically around two o'clock, I use doppel to keep me going, which is really useful if I can’t break for coffee or a go for a quick walk.”

“Stress is now an epidemic, with one in five of us suffering. Our lives and jobs are high pressure, and mental performance is essential.” said doppel’s CEO Dr Fotini Markopoulou. “Unlike solutions like yoga or meditation, doppel helps you feel calmer within moments, and it can be used anytime and anywhere. doppel is a unique solution, it’s easy to use, natural and effective.”

doppel can be found at booth 51441 as part of the GREAT Britain and Northern Ireland Pavilion organised Tradefair, on behalf of UK Department for International Trade and techUK.

About doppel

doppel retails at $219 and is available to buy via feeldoppel.com

The team behind doppel comprises Dr Fotini Markopoulou, Jack Hooper, Andreas Bilicki and Nell Bennett. They met on the Innovation Design Engineering joint MSc/MA course at Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art and have spent the past four years working on technology inspired by psychophysiology - the study of the relationship between the mind and the body.

The team is advised by Professor Manos Tsakiris, Professor of Psychology at the Department of Psychology, Royal Holloway, University of London.

Professor Tsakiris’ research focuses on the neurocognitive mechanisms that shape the experience of embodiment and self-identity using a wide range of research methods, from psychometrics and psychophysics to neuroimaging. He is Professor of Psychology at the Department of Psychology, Royal Holloway, University of London, where he is also Director of Research. He has published widely in neuroscientific and psychology journals, and his current research projects investigate the plasticity of self- identity and he is leading an ERC Consolidator project. He is the recipient of the 2014 Young Mind and Brain Prize and of the 22nd Experimental Psychology Society Prize (2015). In 2016, he was confirmed as the first recipient of the NOMIS Foundation Distinguished Scientist Award.

Instagram: @feeldoppel

Facebook: /feeldoppel

Twitter: @feeldoppel

We love reviews, and so if you’d like to try one out before you write about us (or talk about us via video, radio or a podcast) then just let us know and we can send one over. Contact Georgina Orso, doppel’s Head of Marketing, on +447976980788 or via georgina@feeldoppel.com to arrange.

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